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Why Have A Will?

A Will is important to get right; it puts you in control of your family’s future. 

Most people want their assets to pass to family on their death, and a Will ensures the family’s wealth goes to the right person at the right time.

Reinforce your Will 

With A Will Trust!

On your death a Trust is created to hold the property you wish to pass to beneficiaries.  

This creates opportunities to protect assets for future generations, from Long-Term Care costs, Creditors & Divorcing Partners. 

It also offers some exciting Tax Planning Opportunities.

Introducing A New Streamlined Will & Trust Service!

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If You Have Children And A Property Or Business

A Trust has all the functions you need to nail Estate Planning. So, let’s look at some reasons why one could be ideal for you…

If You die & Your partner remarries, You can protect Your children’s Inheritance?

If you die and your partner remarries; and then your partner dies without making a new Will, your children’s inheritance could pass to the new family, and leave your children with nothing. This is called sideways disinheritance.

By including a Trust within your Will the survivor’s financial position is maintained. They can have the same financial security as they would have enjoyed without the Trust, while your children’s interest is protected by the trust.

A basic Will can be a very bad idea!

What if a beneficiary is not old enough to inherit a lot of money?  What if they are not good with money? You might prefer the recipient invests their inheritance in a property, rather than buying a fast car.

With a basic Will on your death you have made an outright gift; over which you have no further influence. By leaving your estate to a beneficiary in a Trust, you are asking Trustees to release funds to a beneficiary(s) in a way that you want.

Also, assets within the trust are not part of the potential beneficiary’s estate, which means:

  • If a potential beneficiary falls on hard times, their creditors cannot take account of the Trust’s assets. 
  • If they need Long-Term-Care the Local Authority cannot take account of the Trust’s assets.

Protect Family Wealth

Sadly, divorce is all too common. A Trust may be used to offer some protection for your family’s wealth from any future divorce settlement. 

Tax Planning Opportunities

Some investment contracts, commonly used within trusts, allow trustees to manage the timing of when a tax charge arises.  This can offer tax planning opportunities.

Trust and Protect Give You The Tools And Strategies You Need For

Professional Estate Planning!

You could make a Will that reflects not only your needs but also the changing needs of your beneficiaries. 

A Will Trust shelters and protects your family’s assets; and offers tax planning opportunities! not just now but also for future generations.

Get your Estate Planning right and the payoff is huge.  So, complete the form, and we will discuss your options, then I’ll suggest a complete solution.

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