Why Might Trusts Be Used?

You may not want a beneficiary to inherit your estate too young, preferring their inheritance to be spent on a first home rather than a fast car.

With a Trust you continue to have a say about what should happen to your estate after your death.

With A Trust You Can:

Defer an Inheritance

Defer an inheritance until they are older, say 25.

Prevent Sideways Disinheritance

Occurs when an intended beneficiary(s) doesn’t inherit their share of an estate due to remarriage. 

If you die and your partner re-marries and then dies without making a Will; your children’s inheritance could pass to the new family leaving your children with nothing.

Lend Trust Capital

Lend Trust capital to a surviving spouse or other beneficiary.

Protect Capital

As capital within a trust is not part of a potential beneficiary’s estate for Inheritance Tax purposes, it allows tax-efficient wealth planning.

Protect Family Wealth

Protect family wealth from future financial settlements on divorce. 

Tax Planning

Potentially benefit from tax planning opportunities. 

Hold a Disabled Beneficiary’s Inheritance

A potential beneficiary’s assets in a Trust will not be taken into account when calculating their entitlement to support from the Local Authority.

Protect A Vulnerable Beneficiary

If someone is financially vulnerable a Trust can protect their inheritance.

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