Why Make Your Will Today?
What Happens If You Die Without a Will?

If you live in England or Wales and die without a Will the rules of intestacy apply.  In effect, you have left the government to decide who gets what on your death.

Decisions about who will take care of any children under 18 will be made by people who don’t know you or your wishes; they will manage the children’s finances, education and living arrangements.

With a Will you can lay out your wishes about what should happen to your assets and any young children after your death.

With a Will You:


  • Appoint Guardians – for any children under 18 years.      
  • Appoint Executors – to carry out your wishes, as expressed in your Will.
  • Make gifts of an item(s) to individuals, for example you might want to make specific gifts of family jewelry.
  • Make gifts of money to individuals or charities.
  • Choose the people (beneficiaries) you want to benefit from your estate.

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